Acme Systems products

Hi-quality Linux Embedded System On Modules (SOM) designed for high reliability, long term availability, low power consumption and low EMI at the right price.

Linux Embedded Systems On Module

These modules integrate the most complex parts of an Embedded Linux board reducing drastically the time to develop a reliable ARM device and leaving you free to be focused on the specific on-field interfaces of your design.

  • Unbranded unpopulated PCB available in five colors (green, red, blue, black or white) for 500 or more pcs
  • Long term availability

Arietta G25

  • ARM 9 @ 400 MHz
  • Pitch step 2.54 mm
  • 128 or 256 MByte of RAM
  • Size: 53x25 mm
  • Boot from on-board uSD

Aria G25

  • ARM 9 @ 400 MHz
  • Pitch step 2 mm
  • 128 or 256 MByte of RAM
  • Size: 40x40 mm
  • Boot from external uSD or external serial flash
  • SMD module

Acqua A5

  • Cortex A5 @ 536 MHz
  • Pitch step 1.27 mm
  • 256 or 512 MByte of RAM
  • Size: 53x53 mm
  • Boot from on-board uSD or Nand flash
  • TFT with touch capabilities

Single Board Computers


ARM 9 Single Board Computer for GPRS applications

Terra is a complete device based on the Aria G25 module useful to quickly create prototypes and small productions based on the Aria G25 module. It is easily expandable using the Daisy add-on boards and has an integrated GPRS modem for remote controlled applications. A ready to use enclosure is available to realize applications for the end-user market. The schematic is freely available as reference for custom design based on Aria G25 module.

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FOX Board G20

ARM 9 legacy Linux Single Board Computer

FOX Board G20 is Single Board Computer built around the ARM9@400Mhz Atmel CPU AT91SAM9G20. Two 40 pin sockets pitch 2.54mm are available to plug the board on specific application carriers or add-on boards. On these pins 3.3 Volt signals are available which can be used to implement RS232/RS485/RS422, I2C, SPI, GPIO, A/D and PWM interfaces..

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Acme Systems news

Yooquik Kickstarter Campaign

Made by the italian company Yoovant, Yooquik is the new Open Source Bluetooth Arduino compatible security system managed from your tablet/smartphone and cloud connected.

This project was born with a little engineering contribute of Acme Systems.

Good lucky !

The 10 strings classic guitar project

Acme Systems is involved in a project with the classic guitar player Leonardo Gallucci to spread the use of the ten strings classic guitar.